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Specialized Services for Your Unique Woodworking Needs

Color Matching

Unleash the full spectrum of possibilities with our precise color matching services. We expertly blend pigments to ensure your wood coatings perfectly match your vision, creating a vibrant finish.

Research & Development

Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge research and development services. Our team is dedicated to exploring innovative wood coating solutions, incorporating the latest technologies to enhance durability, aesthetics, and overall performance.​

Custom Formulation

Tailor-made solutions for unique projects. Our custom formulation services empower you to achieve distinctive finishes, whether you’re aiming for a specific look, texture, or performance. Let us bring your creative vision to life.

Technical Support

Experience peace of mind with our dedicated technical support team. From troubleshooting to on-site assistance, we’re committed to ensuring your wood coating applications are seamless and trouble-free.

Consulting and Testing

Benefit from our industry expertise through personalized consulting and rigorous testing. We guide you through the best practices, helping you choose the right coatings for your specific needs while conducting thorough testing for optimal performance.

Coating Performance Improvement

Elevate the longevity and resilience of your wood surfaces. Our experts analyze and enhance coating formulations to maximize performance, providing solutions that withstand the test of time and environmental conditions.

Transition to W-B Technologies

Embrace eco-friendly alternatives with our transition to water-based (W-B) technologies. We facilitate a smooth shift to environmentally conscious coatings without compromising on quality, ensuring your projects align with sustainability goals.

Reduce VOC Emissions

Prioritize sustainability without sacrificing performance. Our low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) formulations help minimize environmental impact, providing wood coatings that meet regulatory standards while maintaining exceptional quality.

Optimizing Finishing Cycles

Streamline your production processes with our expertise in optimizing finishing cycles. We work to reduce drying times, enhance efficiency, and increase output, ensuring your operations are efficient and cost-effective.

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