Our Timeline

1993 - Incorporation
In 1993, IC&S embarked on its journey, establishing a firm foundation for excellence in wood coatings.
1998 - Facility expansion
Responding to growth, IC&S moved to a larger facility in 1998, solidifying its commitment to innovation and quality.
2003 - Current location expansion
February 2003 marked a significant expansion as IC&S moved to its current location, a testament to continuous progress and dedication to serving the industry.
2005 - Environmentally Friendly Innovations
Pioneers in sustainability, IC&S proudly introduced its first generation of environmentally friendly water-based products, setting new standards for eco-conscious wood coatings.

Our Story

Since its establishment in 1994, IC&S has been a leading provider of premium European wood finishes, catering to clients across North America and beyond. Specializing in high-end wood finishing solutions, IC&S offers a comprehensive system tailored to meet the unique specifications of architects, designers, and environmental standards. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industrial wood finishing industry is exemplified through the integration of innovative technology and formulations. Backed by the extensive research and technical expertise of ILVA Italy, our dedicated staff stands ready to address inquiries and troubleshoot any challenges that may arise for our valued customers.

In response to the evolving demands of the 21st century, IC&S has embraced cutting-edge solutions, such as Innovative WB UV Coatings and 2-Package waterborne urethanes. These advancements have significantly expanded our capacity to cater to a diverse range of customer applications and environmental requirements. Having commenced operations in 1993, IC&S has steadily grown and evolved, relocating to a larger facility in 1998 and eventually settling into our current expanded location in February 2003. It was during this transformative period that IC&S proudly introduced its first generation of environmentally friendly water-based products, marking a pivotal step in our ongoing commitment to sustainability and technological excellence.

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