Ilva Stains

Ilva stains consist of PF5 Dye stains and PG1 series pigmented stains.

The PF5 series dye stain are micronized pigment concentrated in a thinner. These concentrates can be added to either water or various solvents. Various vehicles and thinner can be added for spray or wipe applications to give more even color development.

These concentrates will give light fast colors that exhibit very good clarity and accentuate the wood grain without muddying the effect.

PG1 series stains are pigmented stain concentrates that will give a maximum light fastness while still retaining good clarity. They can also be used to attain brighter color development. The same vehicle and thinners used with the PF5 series stains can be used with the PG1 series stains for spray and wipe application.

PD6xx Series pigmented Water Stains are used in staining furniture, frames, and various panels. They can be applied by spray, dip and roller. These stains provide an excellent balance between uniformity and transparency, making it possible to obtain different colors, hiding power and nuances in appearance. They have an excellent resistance to daylight.

The Dyes PF5 Series

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