Klima Exterior Waterborne

Aquatech KLIMA® are water-based paint lines produced by Ilva for the industrial and professional coating of wooden manufactures for exteriors. They have high flexibility and are studied to support the dimensional variation of wood (due to humidity and temperature variations) and avoid cracking, flaking, chalking, lifting of the coating film.

KLIMA®product lines guarantee absolute protection as they form an effective barrier against the aggressive action of physical, chemical and biological agents. Thanks to their special formulation, they enhance the natural beauty of all woods, granting them a pleasant aesthetic finish. They can be applied fast and do not need complicated and expensive sanding operations.

KLIMA® line also includes a practical maintenance kit, composed by products that are simple to apply, to keep and renew over time the beauty of window frames, entrance doors, furniture doors, beams, garden furniture and wooden manufactures for exteriors in general.

Ilva products: Aquatech KLIMA® are available in clear and pigmented version.

KLIMA® products have passed strict lab tests and obtained the prestigious certificate “CATAS QUALITY AWARD” “Coating system for exterior wood”, which certifies the quality of the coating cycle for exteriors realized with products of Aquatech KLIMA® line.

Here are the basic products for Klima exterior waterbase series. Potential markets include windows, doors, shutters, outdoor furniture.

There are finish cycles for hardwood (HW or as the Italians call it “broadleaf”) or softwood (SW): The best cycle is:

1. Apply the impregnator

The impregnator contains fungicide, mildew, anti-bluing agents. The goal is to totally soak the object to be finished. It can be applied by dipping, spray guns, brush. The viscosity is like water. It does an extremely good job of penetrating into the wood. As it is drying if you see what will eventually turn out to be a darker flow line due to construction of the piece, you can just “brush it out, or use a cloth. The impregnator can be recycled if you apply it by flow coater or automatic spray machine.

TN30 – Clear SW impregnator – use for natural finish, or a base to make a custom color

TN340 – Clear HW Impregnator – use for natural finish, or a base to make a custom color

* We can make custom colors

Stock SW colors:

Stock HW colors:

2. Apply the Sealer Coat

TN40 Clear Thixo Sealer using 1/2 coat/s of this sealer, sanding with 320 and 1 topcoat give the best esthetic look.

3. Apply the finish coat

This product may be one of the following:

TN931 – Satin Wood-Tone. This formula contains an extra uv inhibiting pigment and makes the product have a very slight orange cast. It does provide the best result.

TN931/00 – Satin Clear. Some people like this as it does not really effect the stain color or look. Long term result is not quite as good as Wood-Tone products.

TN931/50 – Semi Gloss Wood-Tone. This formula contains an extra uv inhibiting pigment and makes the product have a slight orange cast.

Any of the above 3 finish coat products may be used as a self-sealer, eliminating the TN40 (sealer). Quite a lot of people do it this way. 2 coats of top coat used as a self-sealer offer the maximum protection. However the “look” is not quite as “clean ” when compared to sealer + topcoat.

A few other helpful hints. They have a number of specialty exterior W/B products.

There is a white paint series. PN4B White Sealer. PN6B White satin finish.

We have found that to any of the impregnators or sealer, or topcoats, you can make them brushable by adding some TZ08 (BCS) Thinner.

Lastly, there is a product TN030 Ritonificante, which is used in the field as a maintenance product. We do not have a lot of experience with its use, but the concept is that once a year or so, you can clean your door, windows, shutters, furniture, etc, and then with a cloth wipe this product on. It will help to maintain the performance of the finish.

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