Ilva Polyester finishes are used where a high build full fill wet look gloss finish is required. These products give an unusually hard film that is flexible enough to not crack or check under the most severe conditions. Ilva polyester gives outstanding resistance to moisture and most strong chemicals, including acetone and lacquer thinner.

Polyester finishes can be buffed to a very high gloss and exhibit exceptional film clarity.

Ilva polyester primers and sealers are available in clear, white and black. The topcoats are available in clear and can be tinted to most colors.

Pariffined Polyester formulations are also available. Please contact our office for further infomation on these products.

Polyester Finishes Spec Sheet


Clear Polyester Sealer

TR 9982

Clear Direct HiGloss Polyester


Clear Direct Gloss Polyester


White Polyester Sealer


Black Polyester Sealer

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