Polyurethane products are used in a wide range of applications in both Europe and the USA. Whether you are looking for a high gloss finish or a matte finish, or any sheen in between, our polyurethanes can provide you with the desired finishing results. ILVA polyurethanes are characterized by high chemical resistance and provide extremely durable finishes. These polyurethanes are commonly used to paint furniture, cabinet doors, chairs, architectural millwork, boats, aircraft interiors, musical instruments, frames and other types of furnishing accessories. Our polyurethanes can be applied via any conventional spray method, curtain coater, or electrostatic equipment.

ILVA offers a range of polyurethane products, especially developed to meet all application requirements. The polyurethane product range includes standard two package solvent based polyurethanes and acrylic products, state of the art water-based two-package urethanes, and a diamante series, which is characterized by excellent film hardness and scratch resistance. Because of their rapid drying ability, the diamante polyurethanes are well suited for industrial cycles, offering the ultimate finishing solution for high quality furniture.

Our polyurethane products are available as stock items in clear, black, and white. Custom colors can be made from any stock product to meet your design specifications.

Various systems, from open pore to hi-build to closed-pore systems are described in our technical manual, which is available on our web site or from your salesman. When products are used according to the given instructions, polyurethanes can provide excellent results.

Clear Polyurethane Finishes Spec Sheet

Sealer TA48

Clear Polyurethane HiBuild Sealer

Sealer TA44

Ultra Clear Polyurethane Sealer

Barrier Coat TF25

Polyurethane Barrier Coat

Barrier Coat TF1525

LoHaps Polyurethane Barrier Coat

Topcoat TO9

Clear Polyurethane Topcoat

Topcoat TP60

Clear Wet-Look Polyurethane Gloss

White Polyurethane Finishes Spec Sheet

Primer PA20

White Polyurethane Primer

Primer PA70

White Polyurethane Undercoat

Topcoat PM10

Gloss White Polyurethane Finish

Topcoat PL50

White Polyurethane Matte Finish

Topcoat PL800/05

White Polyurethane Flat Finish

Black Polyurethane Finishes Spec Sheet

Primer PA39

Black Polyurethane Sealer

Topcoat PL59

Matte Black Polyurethane Finish

Topcoat PM19

Gloss Black Polyurethane

Diamante Polyurethane Finishes Spec Sheet

Clear Diamante TO975

Sheen Polyurethane

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