Waterbase UV Finishes

ILVA has developed a line of UV Waterborne coatings. These waterborne coatings are designed for high speed application equipment and allow the end user to meet today’s green regulations. Overspray generated during automated spray can be reclaimed so manufacturers are able to minimize product waste. These products are recommended for use on kitchen and bath cabinets, architectural millwork, office furniture, and both solid wood and composite type moulding and profiles. Clear and pigmented formulations in various gloss levels are available.

These UV waterborne coatings are formulated with very low VOCs, ultra-low or no HAPS, no heavy metals, and no formaldehyde. The final cured finish gives abrasion and impact resistance, KCMA chemical resistance.

Typical products include:

TU0/1xxx WB UV Spray Clear – various sheens

WUM5A06 WB UV Spray 20 Sheen White

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