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Since 1994, IC&S has been supplying high-end European wood finishes across North America and beyond. We offer a comprehensive finishing system tailored to meet architectural design and environmental specifications. Our commitment to innovation and advanced technology keeps us at the forefront of industrial wood finishing. Our team is equipped to address customer requests and troubleshoot any issues.


Protect your wooden surfaces with our Polyester Wood Coating – a durable and elegant solution. This innovative formula provides long-lasting protection against scratches and stains, enhancing the wood’s natural beauty with a smooth, glossy finish. Easy to apply and environmentally conscious, it’s the perfect choice to redefine durability and showcase timeless elegance in just one application.


Elevate your wooden surfaces with our premium polyurethane wood coating, designed to deliver a durable finish that enhances the natural beauty of your wood. This coating offers superior protection against scratches, stains, and daily wear and tear. Easy to apply and long-lasting, it’s the ideal choice for achieving a professional and resilient result on kitchen surfaces, tabletops, and more.

Acrylic Urethane

Protect your wood surfaces with our premium acrylic urethane wood coating. Our acrylic urethanes have unparalleled durability, a crystal-clear finish, and enhanced UV protection.

Waterborne For Interior

Transform your living spaces with Waterbourne Interior coatings. Our premium water-based paint brings a harmonious blend of style and durability to your projects.

Klima Exterior Waterbourne

Klima Exterior Waterborne is a premium, eco-friendly paint that enhances and protects outdoor surfaces with a durable and weather-resistant formula. Klima provides long-lasting beauty while minimizing environmental impact.

Ilva Stains

Enhance your furniture and woodwork with our premium wood stains, highlight the natural beauty of wood while providing durable and long-lasting color that radiates.

WaterBase UV Finishes

Experience unparalleled protection and efficiency with our WaterBase UV Finishes. A revolutionary solution that not only shields surfaces from the harshest elements but also enhances the natural beauty of your wood projects with its advanced ultraviolet curing technology.

UV Cured Finishes

Our 100% solids UV cured coatings provide exceptional results combined with speed. We offer a complete line of UV cured coatings including primers, sealers and topcoats.

IC&S Products

IC&S provides innovative solutions for both the wood and non-wood industries. Contact us to explore our range of custom formulations tailored to meet your specific needs.

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