Acrylic Urethane Finishing Products

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Acrylic Urethane

Ilva Acrylic Urethanes are a version of polyurethane that give the best non-yellowing characteristics, which is the main reason for their usage. Clears work well as topcoats without changing color of products top coated.

Acrylic-urethanes give a very tough chemical and moisture resistant film

Various sheens are available in the clear acrylics, from dead flat to a wet-look gloss. The gloss version can easily be buffed to a high sheen finish.

A stock white color is available in matte and wet look gloss.
Both the clear and white products can be tinted to match customer specifications for color and sheen.
Products include: Clear Sealer and Topcoats, White Topcoat

Clear Acrylic Urethane



White Acrylic Urethane